NovaProbe announces FDA clearance of the LED Leukos 175, a light source providing cold intensity lumens to perform modern endoscopy.

Philadelphia, September 1, 2014 : NovaProbe Inc. is a US medical device manufacturing company that designs and markets Visualization Equipment & Accessories related to Endoscopy specializing in Laparoscopy. The company has currently developed its products with the feedback and participation from leading Surgeons & Gynecologists in laparoscopy. Company currently manufactures HD Camera Systems, Light Sources( LED and XENON), Insufflators and instruments.

NovaProbe recently got the FDA 501k for the new Digital LED light Source Leukos 175. The NOVAPROBE LED LEUKOS 175 is specifically designed to provide the cold light intensity required for modem day Endoscopic procedures. The NovaProbe Inc. LED Light is used to illuminate the site of the surgery during minimally invasive surgical procedures in Arthroscopy (orthopedic surgery), Laparoscopy (general and gynecological surgery) and Endoscopy (general gastroenterological and ENT surgery). The light is transmitted from the light source through an optical cable and  a scope. The LED light provides the color temp of 6500 deg K also known as white light. The white light offers unmatched quality for the single chip, three chip and HD cameras. The LED light intensity is controlled digitally. The use of LED light source nullifies any skin burning problems that may occur due to the use of Xenon arc lamps. The NovaProbe LED Light source assures that the light passing through the fiber optic cable is a cold light.

NovaProbe has also launched HDCAM 3000, a full HD 1080P Camera system with Video Recording function. This camera system along with LED light source will be a high quality Made in USA product at affordable price.

NovaProbe is looking to expand within the US market while growing positions in international healthcare markets.